Pedicure Kit



Toenail Nippers Stainless Steel

Nail File Stainless Steel 8"


Cuticle Pusher Angled Edge

*Free* Ingrown Toenail Sidewall Cleaner



Testimonials- Bella Luna - I highly recommend the nail care tools you sell at your site The Powder Room. I thought I could find "similar" products online and placed three different orders at various places wrongly thinking the quality would be the same. Years ago we thought that implements made by certain well-known companies or from certain countries were the best. Not so! Your implements are unequivocal of higher quality. I tried finding a special cuticle pusher like the one you use. Same shape, but not well made and too blunt. I've used metal files before, too. Too thick and not flexible. I LOVE the stainless steel file and cuticle pusher I ordered. You're right! The file has just the right size grit and doesn't make the nail feel odd as you use it. The Ingrown Toenail Sidewall Cleaner is more refined than any other. So easy to use. Thank you for making the videos and sharing your expertise with all of us. -Your fan in Brooklyn, NY! Frances Whitham- I have to give you five*** for your super fast shipping and for the amazingly high quality of your tools. I ordered the curved cuticle pusher/shaper and was blown away when it appeared in my mailbox today. Highly recommend the products from your store. Nippers are my next treat. Can you recommend one? Thank you. Lakesha Kennedy- I recently ordered that kit too and it is really high quality. I love the kit. These are the best tools I've ever owned. And I received the order really fast. I plan on ordering more things from your store. Thank you!

Catherine V.
5 of 5 Stars
Absolutely love this kit! I originally found Lori from her YouTube videos and wanted to try out her products. Everything in this kit is totally worth it. I used to just clip my toenails with regular clippers and I could never quite get the corners of my nails like I can with the nippers in this kit. The cuticle remover is also amazing! You only need to let it sit for a minute or two and your cuticles will remove with ease. The rest of the tools are high quality and work very well. I didn't realize how useful the sidewall cleaner is until I actually used it myself! I highly recommend this kit if you're looking to do your own pedicures or just to take care of your feet!
Michelle C.
5 of 5 Stars
This entire kit works exactly the way Laurie shows you how to do it in her YouTube videos. The cuticle remover will last you for at least a year, if not more. Make sure to purchase the toenail rasp and the dropper for the cuticle remover too.

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