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Description: Algae peptides contain an amino acid which helps skin grow collagen at a faster rate, resulting in reduced fine lines and wrinkles. Also ... more info

My bits are professional grade, durable, disinfectable bits that fit electric efile machines. These are some of my favorites so get them while they ... more info

Ingrown Toenail Rasp Stainless Steel double ended metal implement. One end has a curved serrated surface to smooth off the jagged edge of an ingrown ... more info

This tool is Stainless Steel and slips into the sidewalls and under the free edge to clean hard to reach areas of the nail. The small angle on the ... more info

Includes: Cuticle Remover (REMOVE SAFETY PLUG BEFORE USE) Amber Bottle Nippers Angled Cuticle Pusher Cuticle Lifter Stainless Steel Nail File NOTE: ... more info

Includes: Toenail Nippers Stainless Steel Nail File Stainless Steel 8" Cuticle Remover 16oz (REMOVE SAFETY PLUG BEFORE USE) Cuticle Pusher ... more info

Metal pedicure tools are the best way to protect your clients from cross-contamination. Submerge tools in wet sanitizer to sterilize in between ... more info