Shinsen 2oz



SHINSEN is an Exfoliator and Moisturizing Gel which when applied anywhere on the skin in a gentle massage motion, will safely release and remove only the dead skin. The product also acts as an instant Hydrator and helps to quickly regenerate NEW skin. It speeds up the renewal process as it soothes and nourishes. Visible results in one application.

SHINSEN improves circulation. As we age, our circulation decreases. By stimulating blood circulation, the texture and quality of our skin improves. The visible benefits are a new, brighter complexion. It improves the texture and quality of your skin.

SHINSEN brings back a natural glow that allows you to wear less makeup. You will look better than you have in years. You can expect amazing results over time.


Simply begin by cleansing the area dry and thoroughly. Now apply a small dime size amount of the gel to a small area you wish to work on first and begin to gently massage in a circular motion. If you apply the gel to a large area, it may dry out before you reach the next spot. It is better to work in small areas at a time. Used sparingly the jar should last approx 80-100+ applications.


Water, Glycerin, Vegeles AHA, Vegetable Gelatin, Sea Silk (Kanten), Codium Marine Plant Extract, Methyl Paraben, Carbopol, Codlavelane, Serine. (Absolutely no pork or alcohol derivatives are used)

 100% Natural Marine Elements & Fruit Acids (AHA’s).
(no chemicals, perfumes, or abrasive grains

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