Body Full Light Conditioner 8.5oz



Detangles and adds weightless volume leaving hair with a full, shiny finish.
>Delivers 2X more volume
>Infuses fine or flat hair with 24 hours* of high-impact volume and luscious lift
>Advanced volumizing formulas plump, strengthen and support
>Hair has lasting volume, touchable fullness and weightless shine


After shampooing, apply and distribute through hair.


Wheat extract - provides a light textural effect that boosts volume, body and fullness
Cotton: softens and detangles
Soy Protein - strengthens and reinforces to help prevent breakage in fragile strands


Infuses hair with 24 hours of high-impact volume and luscious lift. NEW Body Full delivers 2x more volume to fine or flat hair. Redken’s exclusive Interbond Conditioning System and the Nonstop Volume Complex™ plump and support fine strands while leaving hair shiny, touchably soft and perfectly detangled. Ultra-lightweight formulas deliver optimum volumizing benefits without weighing down even the finest of hair.

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