Pureology Nano Works Hair Condition 8.5oz

Nano Works Hair Condition

Longer Lasting Hair Colour GUARANTEED!

Experience extraordinary daily conditioning and intensified shine while protecting colour radiance. This concentrated luxury conditioner with Anti-AgeComplex revives hair, infusing it with youthful vibrancy and intense shine. The exclusive AntiFadeComplex maximizes colour retention.

AntiFadeComplex Exclusive blend of potent antioxidants and full spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreens including Heliogenol, plus Vitamin C&E

Advanced Repairing Micro-Emulsion Technology

Anti-AgeComplex Green Tea, Sugar Cane, Citrus, Apple, and Wine Extracts

Guar Gum and Shea Butter

Organic Botanicals

Mushroom (Shiitake, Mannentake, and Mucor Miehei)

Signature Aromatherapy Blend Allergen-Free Fragrance Jasmine, Vanilla, Amber, and Rose

More benefits..• Neutralizes free radical damage • Maximizes colour retention

Tiny molecules penetrate the hair shaft to: • Strengthen and improve hair condition • Enhance colour radiance • Infuse hair with vitality

• Renew youthful look and feel

• Rejuvenates, smoothes, strengthens • Returns hair to youthful condition • Intensifies shine and colour vibrancy

• Super conditioning, detangling, slip and shine • Velvety soft feel • Superior moisturizing properties

• Antioxidant rich • Help protect haircolour

• Excellent for sensitive skin • Promotes a positive sense of wellbeing

• Hair feels more youthful and manageable • Enhances hue and creates extraordinary luster • Cumulative benefits—hair condition improves

with each application

How to use:

Apply to clean, damp hair. Massage gently into hair and scalp. Wait 1–2 minutes. Rinse.

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