Keralyze Salon Smooth Thermoactive Lotion 32oz



  • Professional salon service
  • Smooths hair
  • Transforms texture
  • Increases Tensile Strength
  • Seals cuticle
  • Rose water infused
  • Lasts up to twelve weeks

Keralyze Salon Smooth Thermocative Lotion with Prokesil Complex is a fast acting innovative treatment that transforms unruly hair. Prokesil Complex is a special blend of hair smoothing, shining and conditioning agents that work synergistically to seal hair cuticles that have been damaged through coloring, bleaching, perms and thermal straightening. Concentrated protein conditioners increase the tensile strength of the hair and temporarily close split ends, These conditioners contain fragments of hydrolyzed protein designed to pass through the cutilce and penetrate into the cortex to improve texture, equalize porosity and increase elasticity. In addition, a special oligo ester is used to coat the hair fiber and helps seal the cuticle by entering the cell membrane to reseal the hair fiber cuticles. 

Salon Smooth Thermoactive Lotion leaves hair, shiny, smooth and conditioned for up to twelve weeks.

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