Attraction Radiant Pink Acrylic Powder 4.6oz


Size: 130 g (4.6 Oz.)
Services Per Container: 32

The NSI Attraction Radiant Pink Acrylic Powder is an intense, translucent pink color for creating contrasting pink and white acrylic nail enhancements for your client.

The Attraction Acrylic Nail Enhancement System empowers the nail tech to create captivating enhancements, effortlessly. Highly advanced acrylic nail technology gives the system its unique feel and spring-back-action while delivering exceptional adhesion, unsurpassed strength and flexibility.
Designed for effortless workability and flow with a spring back action and feel unique to our industry
Delivers exceptional adhesion, strength, and flexibility
When used with Attraction Nail Liquid, the working properties never vary
Non-yellowing and completely color stable

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