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The Powder Room Price Match Guarantee...

Here at The Powder Room we offer 20% all products all the time. You may find a product somewhere else for less. We want to retain your business and gain the business of your friends by guaranteeing you can always get the best price with us. If you find a product advertised for less please send that information to us on our Contact Us page and we will adjust your price before your order is shipped or give you credit towards your next purchase with The Powder Room.

Not all advertised prices will meet the requirements in order to receive our Price Match Guarantee. We offer Free Shipping on all orders over $75. So if you find a product on a website that you will have to pay shipping to receive, then you will need to add that shipping fee to the price of the product. For example, when you see a bottle of nail polish on ebay for a $5.50 and there is a $2.89 shipping fee,the actual price of that product is $8.39.

If your order is not over $75 our shipping charges are listed on the Shipping Information page. If you have a product you would like us to match their price will compare that websites shipping information and make adjustments accordingly.

Our goal is always provide you with the best shopping experience to retain your business as another valued customer.