Glo Minerals Makeup Brushes

 glo.minerals brushes are made from the finest natural animal hair, and are 100% cruelty free. Each brush head is assembled with precision to enable ideal control and placement of the product on the skin. Following is the glominerals brush collection grouped by purpose with a short directive for each and the materials from which they are made:


natural hair brushes

ultra brush ultra: squirrel
Use for all-over base application giving sheer to full coverage with the Pressed or Loose Base. With a medium bristle pack, this is the most versatile of the foundation brushes.
kabuki brush kabuki: black capra
Offers a full head, with dense bristle pack, designed to achieve medium to full coverage when applying the Pressed or Loose Base. Also beneficial for all-over blending.
powder brush powder: black capra
A full, soft brush with a loose bristle pack, designed to achieve sheer to medium coverage with the Pressed or Loose Base. Ideal for applying Dust 24K, Bronze, Matte Finishing Powder or Perfecting Powder to face or body.
blender brush blender: black capra
Perfect for either Bronze application or all-over blending.

synthetic hair brushes

foundation brush liquid foundation: orange taklon
Used to apply the Protective Liquid and Sheer Tint foundations. This versatile brush is able to apply sheer to full coverage depending on the desired application.
camouflage brush camouflage brush: orange taklon
A perfect tool for Camouflage and Concealer application. Use on under eye areas or to cover large areas of pigmentation.
precision camouflage brush precision camouflage: orange taklon
A precision tool designed to camouflage small areas. It is capable of applying Concealer or Camouflage to the smallest, most challenging areas such as skin imperfections or to the corners of the eye.
texture brush texture brush: black capra & taklon
This brush is ideal for creating soft layers of shimmer or adding subtle texture to your make up. The flat top is used for lightweight application.


eye makeup brushes

eye base brush eye base: pure pony
Use to apply your eye shadow base color over the entire lid. After contour has been applied, the eye base brush can be used to blend as well.
angled eye brush angled eye: squirrel / pony blend
The angled eye brush is a thick, flat-headed brush that is used to apply a wash of color to the lid or a heavy contour in the crease of the eye. Also used for finishing the eye shadow blending.
eye contour brush eye blender: capra
Versatile long hair brush with medium dome; use for all over blending or to apply color all over the lid.
eye contour brush eye contour: pure pony
This angled brush is the perfect size to apply contour shades to the crease of the eye.
eye definer brush eye definer: pure pony
Perfect for detail shadow application and highlighting under the brow or above the lash line. Use this brush to place contour or add shimmer powder over any eye shadow application.
crease brush crease: squirrel
The crease brush is designed to give a light or heavy contour
application to the eye.
mini crease brush mini crease: pure pony
The mini crease is the ideal detail brush for small areas. Use to contour the eye crease or create a smoky look with one of the eyeliners.
eye liner/brow brush eye liner/brow: bronze taklon
Use the eye liner / brow brush wet or dry along with a shadow or cream liner to define lash line and brows.
dual brow brush dual brow: ox / mongoose
A dual headed brush offering stiff bristles to fill in and shape eye brows. Use the large end all over brows and the smaller end for detailing and blending.
smudge brush smudge: pure pony
Designed for applying eyeliner and eye shadow near the lash line, as well as blending and contouring to create a smoky effect.
spoolie brush spoolie
The spoolie brush is designed for your lashes and brows. The full head tapers to a point for easy use on any length or lash thickness. Great for grooming lashes and brows as well as smoothing and blending.


blush brushes

angled blush brush angled blush: black capra
Contours the cheekbones and enhances the cheek if using a highlighting color.
blush brush blush: pure pony
Designed for light shading or color enhancement of the cheek area.
cream blush brush cream blush: raccoon synthetic
Designed for blending your cream blush giving you a smooth, even application.
fan brush fan: badger synthetic
A brush designed for delicate blush, bronzer and shimmer application. Ideal for applying powder to the under eye area and for removing shadow fall out.
texture brush texture brush: black capra and taklon
This brush is ideal for creating soft layers of shimmer or adding subtle texture to your makeup. The flat top is used for lightweight application.

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