Keralyze is a professional corrective hair care line with styling, finishing and conditioning products. The Keralyze difference is the innovative creation and application of Prokesil Complex and Chelactive Complex. Prokesil and Chelactive Complex were specifically formulated to repair damage to the inner and outer structure of the hair. The Keralyze collection can be used in salons and at home to nourish, protect and condition, resulting in beautiful hair.Prokesil Complex is a special blend of hair smoothing, shining, conditioning and delivery agents that seal hair cuticles that have been damaged through coloring, bleaching or thermal straightening. Prokesil Complex is water dispersible and delivers these active ingredients to the hair as it enhances and protects. Immediate and perceptible conditioning effects are achieved while providing better color wash fastness. Prokesil Complex, found in every Keralyze product, delivers a long lasting,lubricating emollience with a non-greasy feel on the hair.  A water repellant film is created that acts as a protective barrier preventing moisture loss as it improves wet and dry combing. 

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